Sunday, 24 January 2016

One Game A Month Challenge

I'm pretty determined to complete One Game A Month this year. If you arten't familiar what it's all about then check out the site.

It's a really nice opportunity to challenge yourself, build a portfolio and get valuable experience. There's a given theme every month and the task is to build a playable game around that. It doesn't really matter how much experience you got, which genre you prefer or which game engine you use. All that matters is the result which should incorporate the theme in one way or another.

January's theme is hobby so my idea is an infinite runner. Not really because I'm much of a sport fan myself (actually I'm trying to do some workouts lately) but the game will be about a cat collecting comic books. I'm a fan of superhero stories and japanese mangas so I decided I'm gonna do something with that.

Speaking of comics 2016 seems to be one hell of a year for superhero movies. Deadpool is coming in February and there's a whole bunch of Marvel goodness along with 2 DC movies as well. Actually I'm not a big Superman fan so I'm not that much excited for that one but Suicide Squad seems to tickle my sweet spots. Count in Jared Leto as the Joker too and I'm way more pumped for that movie than I'll ever be for Man of Steel.

Anyways that was just personal opinion and of course I'm just way more delighted if a movie surprises me on the good way so let's hope DC will do some wonders with their movies because Marvel is already rolling quite some time and they brought me straight away with Guardians of Galaxy.

Saturday, 16 January 2016


Welcome on my blog!

I'm fairly new in gamedevelopment and drawing but I hope I can share some of my work with you here.

My blog will be mostly about my experiences as I struggle to complete the One Game a Month challenge and trying to grasps the concepts along the way. I'll be using the Unity game engine for my works as it's one of the most popular game engines and it seems to be the most userfriendly and accessible amongst the engines out there. I know Unreal Engine and Crytech's beasts are awesome as well and well aware of Stingray too. There are dozens of powerful tools for a game developer who wants to start off and every one of them has their ups and downs. I choosed Unity only because it seemed to be the most versatile and the most appealing for small indies (well... for a one person studio in my case...)

Long story short - that's what I'm gonna use for the most part and if you prefer something else than that's perfectly alright I'm not gonna judge you because everything is fine as long as you are into making fun games and I don't want to start flame wars over the engines.

I'm planning to learn how to draw as well on my PC so you are gonna be presented by at least one of my works per week. T-Shirt designs and comics caught my interest recently so I'm gonna try and come up with some works with that in mind and who knows? Maybe I can turn in the better ones for sites like Qwertee and so. That should be my end goal at least and I'd be really glad if my progress would reach that level eventually.

So that's what my blog will be all about. Drawing and videogames. Hope you'll enjoy the content and stay tuned for updates. They will come on Sundays mostly as I'm working and studying in the rest of the week but whenever I can I'll post about my works.